Check Iqama Expiry Date & Status Saudi Arabia

Iqama Expiry is the Expiry date or end date of Your Iqama. We are going to discuss here the Full Information & Latest Method of 2020 How To Check Iqama Expiry like the Iqama expiry Date, Iqama Expiry Status and much more about it. You Can Learn all the methods here. Saudi Arabia Peoples follow these guidelines to check the status of Iqama. You can Check iqama mehna on our site.

Iqama has many colors like red green and much more. You can also iqama expiry check red green on our site. Follow all these methods to check it.

Iqama Expiry

Iqama Expiry

Check Iqama Expiry Date, Expiry Status and Validity of Your Iqama In Saudi Arabia With this Latest Method in Few seconds. Basically Iqama Expiry is the finished date of iqama and the Value of your iqama will be ended at the end of the iqama expiry date. In KSA means Saudi Arabia all peoples must have complete knowledge about their Own iqama, because without knowing anything you are nothing in Saudi Arabia.

After iqama expiry, you are not illegible to staw in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has very strict rules about the iqama. So carefully renew your iqama before expiry. If you can’t do it, then you will be heavy fine and maybe do another strict thing on you. It is very tough for any worker to pay a heavy fine.

This article gives you all the basic concepts about your iqama like the Iqama expiry date checking in a different easy ways. All these Latest and New Method of Check iqama expiry is easy and 100% working. The checking method are different like the app and website method. Here I will tell you all the methods of iqama expiry check that solve your many problems.

Iqama Expiry Date?

Iqama Expiry Date is the Final Date Of your Iqama that makes your iqama Not valuable and valid in Saudi Arabia when you do not renew it in KSA. The Government of Saudi Arabia does not permit you when the date of your iqama expiry. So this is not good for Saudi Arabia’s expertise because you are not valid for any work if your iqama expiry date ends.

Many things happen after Iqama Expiry date like the Government imposed very high and very heavy fines. The Government also has the right to cancel your visa and banned you in Saudi Arabia. So you just need to check everything about your iqama every month.

Iqama Expiry Status?

Iqama Expiry status checks Very easily in 10 Seconds on our site. A very simple and easy method of Checking iqama expiry status here. The Iqama expiry status check means to know complete about the status or complete details like Why, When, Where and iqama expiry and how much the fees and also know what to do if near to end.

Follow all these guidelines which are provided after this paragraph and follow all these guidelines to know each and everything about it.

Query Iqama Expiry Check Red Green?

Query iqama expiry is the query about that. You can also iqama expiry check red green with this method. Today I will tell you the easy step and best way to check your iqama query. You can check query iqama expiry on Absher application and also on the main site of the Moi. All these steps are given in the How to check iqama expiry heading so follow the steps and check it.

Iqama Expiry Check Without Absher Method?

Iqama Expiry Check Without Absher method is here. Iqama expiry Check Like the status and query. Now I want to guide you on how to check the iqama expiry without Absher.

Step 1:

The First Step is to open the Moi Website and this type of page open in front off you. See the Snapshot of the Moi website that appears when you open this website in your mobile browser or PC Browser. See the image and the arrows showing on the image.



How To Check Iqama Expiry

Click On the Arrow button and select it on Your Mobile or PC. Here you can easily change the language into your own knowing language like the English, Urdu and Much more. So when you click on it the Arabic homepage change into your own language homepage where you can easily understand all the options available on this site.

How To Check iqama Expiry date


Step 2:

Click on the new users that are showing in the above picture. Create Your account on the Moi website. Fill the whole information that is mandatory Like the iqama number, Your name, Id Number, Mobile Number, Password, Email and Prefered language and create your account.

If you already have an account then sign in with your account. When you try to sign on the website asks you to put your information. Put Your iqama Number information like your name, Date of birth and iqama number. When you put all these things then the verification code or captcha comes. Fill the captcha with the correct way and click to check iqama expiry.

Here is a Video How To Check Iqama Expiry?

Follow all these steps that are mention in this video and check the complete information your iqama. Dear friends if you feel any concern in this method and want to know something new method about this then comment below and we will reply to your question.

How To Check Iqama Expiry Date Online?

How to check iqama expiry date online? this is the question many peoples asked with me in Saudi Arabia. The main purpose of this article is to solve this problem and tells the peoples the best way to check the iqama expiry date online. The online method is simple and easy. You can check online by visiting the official Moi site or by visiting the Absher app.


Some years before the checking method of iqama expiry very tough. So for this concern, the Government of Saudi Arabia launched a special app and website for checking your iqama status and iqama expiry date online. I hope you understand this easy and best way of checking.

How To Check Iqama Expiry with Absher?

The Latest and New method of checking iqama expiry is Absher. You can also iqama expiry check red green with this method. The Absher is a Saudi Arabia Government official app where you can check complete details about your iqama. If you want to check the status with a quick and easy way then install the Absher from Play store.

Absher is free available in the Play store. Simply Write Absher in play store and install it from the result of Absher. When you install it the simple interface comes in front of you. Where two options come. One option is individual and the other is Business. Click on the individual option for checking your own account expiry.

iqama expiry with absher

Step 2: 

Log in with your Absher account. If You are a new user then create the new account. Creating a new account in Absher application you need to click on Individuals and click to sign up or create a new account button. When you click on it the simple interface shows you. This page opens and you need to fill this page.


  1. Enter The Whole Information that is Mandatory for creating a new account. Fill the Id Number and the Mobile number with correct format

After that Write username in English and create your secret password and confirm password. After the confirmation enters the email and confirms it.

Select your preferred language and fill captcha with image code. Enter the code of image in the image code option and now accept all the terms and use. Now click to next and create Your Account.

When You click to create your account the confirmation code or OTP comes in Your Mobile number Message and enters this code in conformation.

When your confirmation did the congratulation message of creating an account shown in the Absher application.

Now you can easily use this application Your android Mobile Phone very easily.


After the completion of your account creation. Now Login into Your Account in Absher application. In the Absher application, you can also check the iqama status, Iqama huroob, iqama validity and much more. Click on Iqama expiry and enter your iqama number, Name and click to check Result. Now you can easily check your iqama status and many more details. In this way you can also find your iqama sponsor name 

F.A.Q. about Iqama Expiry

How can check my Iqama expiry date?

Check the iqama expiry date by Two Method Absher and Moi Website. In the Absher method. install Absher app, register Yourself and Login to your account. Open Dashboard and Go to E-Service option. In the E-Service, option finds the expertise option and click on it. In this option find the iqama option and write your iqama number and click to check the status.

In the Moi website option, Visit In this website change language go to the dashboard and do the same process like Absher.

What is Iqama number?

Iqama Number is the Number of Your iqama that identifies you and Your work. Basically iqama is the permission or permit letter in Saudi Arabia. The iqama contains a special number called an iqama number.

How can I check my Iqama expiry date without Absher?

You can check the iqama expiry date without Absher with the help of the Moi website. Register Yourself and open the website. Firstly select your own language and go to the dashboard section and open E-Service categories. Here you can check with iqama number.

What happens if iqama expired?

Many problems will be created if your iqama expired. If you are receiving payment through the bank in Saudi Arabia then you can’t withdraw your Salary. The fine also is applied if you can’t renew it on time. Sometimes the Government Cancel your visa and send you back to your country.

Can I go exit with expired Iqama?

Yes, it depends on the time of your iqama expired. In Your newly expired iqama, you can go to the exit. The limit of newly expired is 30 days. You can go exist before 30 days of your iqama expired.

What is the penalty for expired Iqama?

If you do not renew your iqama before 3 days then fine will be applied to you. This fine is double of your iqama fees. Your iqama fees are between 600 to 700. It means the double of your fees is 1200 to 1400.

The other penalty is not received your salary if you getting a salary through a bank account. You can’t withdraw your payment if your iqama expired.

How Long Does it Take to Renew Iqama?

You can renew your iqama in 1 Day. 1 day means 24 hours. Yes! it’s possible to renew your iqama in 24 hours if all documents are right and not missing anyone.

How many years does the Iqama Expiry?

The Normal date of iqama expiry is one Year. But you can also renew it for two years if you compromise with the Government and asked for two years. It also depends on your Kafeel and the status of your living in Saudi Arabia.

Can Iqama be renewed for two years?

Yes, you can renew it for two years. It depends on some factors like the status of your company in Nitaqat and agreement between you and your company.

Can we renew iqama for six months?

The Minimum Requirement for iqama renew is one year. So you can’t renew it for six months. If you want to live in Six months then you need to pay fees for 1 year, because one year is the minimum requirement for this.

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