Civil id Expiry Date Check in Kuwait

Civil id expiry Date is the End date of your civil id card. The Civil Id card is the identity card in Kuwait for Expats and Kuwait Citizens. Civil id expiry date check easily and fast method available here. There are Many method to Check expired date. All these methods are Mention below

  1. Civil id expiry date through PACI Kuwait Portal
  2. Through Mobile Phone Voice Query
  3. Through Civil Mobile ID APP

Without Civil id card and without valid card you can’t stay in Kuwait for a Long period of Time. If your Civil id is expired then must renew it before the given time, otherwise Government of Kuwait take action against you. All Action taken on this depend upon Kuwait Government Rules and Regulation. For expired civil id holders rules are very hard and strict. Fine will be applied on those Expats and Citizen who not renew their Civil id after the 1 Month of expiry.

Civil id Expiry Date Check

Civil id Expiry Date Check Within Two Minutes Using these methods. The First is check through PACI Kuwait Portal and the second is to check through Voice Query. The third and last is to check using Kuwait Mobile ID. The List

Use these mention methods to check civil id expiry date Online very Quickly on Mobile Phone and computer both. The expiry date of civil id means to say the End or Validation date of your civil identity card.

Civil id Expiry Date Check Through PACI Kuwait

Civil id expiry date check online through PACI Kuwait portal. Follow below steps to check your civil identity card expiration date.

Step#1: To Check your civil id expiry date Visit PACI Kuwait Portal”. This is the first and basic steps to check expiration date and time online. You can visit this site through link and Google.

Step#2: Choose Your Language For PACI Kuwait Site

Step#3: Click on “eServices” Option From the Main Page Screen Of PACI Kuwait Portal.

Step#4: Press on the “Inquiring About Civil id Status” Option. Now the Civil id Page Appear.

Step#5: Enter Your “Civil id number” For “Civil id expiry date check”. Click On “Query Option”, and wait for the result, the expiration date and all other status of your civil id appear. See the details and if you found your id in expiration, then must renew your civil id.

Civil ID Expiry Date Check Through Mobile Voice Query

The Second and offline method of Civil id expiry date check in Kuwait is Mobile Voice Query. You can use this procedure for civil expiration check Quickly Using any Cellular Network. The Most Popular Sim network in Kuwait is Zain. You need to follow below steps to check Civil id expiry date through Voice Query.

Step#1: Dial “1889988” Code On Your Zain Sim or Any other Mobile Phone Cellular network or dial through any landline Number.

Step#2: Select Your Language With the help of code according to PACI Kuwait Automatic Voice System Procedure.

Step#3: After that provide your Civil id Number For “Civil id expiry date check”

Step#4: The Automatic Voice System of PACI Kuwait Tell your Validation or expiry date and time via Automatic Voice after providing Your Civil Id Number.

Civil Id Expiry Date Check Through Kuwait Mobile ID

The third and Last step of checking Civil id expiry date is Check through Kuwait Mobile ID APP. For checking through Mobile id You need to follow some steps. This is the Online method to check Civil id expiration. So lets start our Topic.

Step#1: First Of all install Kuwait Mobile id To check your Civil id expiry date.

Step#2: Open Mobile ID And Choose Language.

Step#3: Click on Fourth Option of Kuwait Mobile ID Main page. The Fourth Option is Check Civil id Status.

Step#4: Enter Your Civil Id Number and Click on “View Button” To Check expiry date.

In this way you can check expiration date online very easily. Also check Civil ID Status Article.


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