Check Exit Reentry Visa Validity 2022

You can Check Your Exit Re-entry Visa Validity in 2022 Using Moi Absher or Muqeen Portal. Both Methods available here. According to my point of view checking Through Muqeem Portal is Easy from other Methods.

Follow These Steps to Check Exit Re-Entry Visa Validity

Step#1: Open in your Device browser. Click to Search it, the main page consists of Arabic Language

Step#2: Change the Main Page Arabic Language into the English Language by clicking on the below button.

Step#3: Click on 1st Option For checking Exit Re-entry visa Validity with iqama number. For any confusion see screenshot below

Step#4: Clicking result on First Radio button ‘رقم الإقامة Show you Box. Enter “Iqama Number” in this box.

Step#5: Now Click on Second Box, this show Six option. Select Any from them to check Exit Re-Entry using this thing. Mostly peoples like to check with Passport numbers. So You can check with the Passport number by selecting the “Rakam Jawaz” Option. Enter Passport number

Step#6: After doing this click on “تحقق” option to check your visa validity. All details show you after clicking on it.

How To Check Exit Re-Entry Visa Status In Moi Absher KSA

You can also check Using Absher. Follow these steps to check exit re-entry visa Status

Step#1: Visit and log in to your account with iqama number and Password.

Step#2: Find the “inquiries” option and click on it.

Step#3: In New Page Click on “Passport” option

Step#4: Now click on Exit Re-Entry Option

Step#5: Enter Iqama number, Password, Code and click to View option to see the details about visa status.


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