How To Check Sponsor Name 2022 Method

In Saudi Arabia, Many peoples Working in Different Fields. Some Peoples Face problems in Checking Iqama Sponsor name because sometimes the Sponsor name changed and they want to know the new name.

Today I will tell You a new method To Check the Sponsor name by iqama number. The old method Sometimes not work, therefore peoples face a problem, But today I will explain Both Method The old and new.

Dear Friends, You can also check other services That are related to iqamas like the iqama expiry date and Validity and Mehna.

First Of All, I Want To Tell you The Latest Method and then the Old Method.

How To Check Sponsor Name With Absher

Check Your Sponsor Name With Absher In 2022 Very easily. The Mol Method is giving a problem, but don’t worry now you can easily check Your Kafeel name or Sponsor name With this new method.

Follow These Steps

Step 1: Open and click on the new user option. If You Already Have an account then You need to click on the Login Button and Login to your account by entering your Gmail and the Password. Already account user Now Follow the Step 4

Step 2: In Account Creation there are many things necessary to enter before creating your account in Absher like the ID number. First Enter id number, Mobile Number, Username and then Password. After That Confirm your Password. Select Language and fill captcha with image verify code. Accept terms and conditions. Click to next option

Step 3: Now the Verification code of account creation comes in your Mobile number. Verify this code and make successful your account creation.

Step 4: Now Login To Your account and the Dashboard selection of Your Front come. In this option you need to click on more info. Now at the end of the screen page you will see the sponsor name or id.

How To check Sponsor Name Transfer Status in MOL?

The second method is a Mol method Where You can check the Sponsor name by iqama number. Sometimes the Mol website shows you some problems Like Not Opening a problem. If this problem comes then you need to check this With Absher Method that is explained above.

Follow These Guidelines to Check your Iqama Sponsor name and Sponsorship transfer status.

Step 1: First of all you need to open the Government official website called as Mol or Ministry of Labour by clicking on the following link.

Step 2: Now in the second step you need to click on the 4th option from the drop-down that is given below in the image. This is the second step that must follow this step.



Step 3: After completing the second step means click on the 4th drop down option you need to Follow these things that are given below in the picture. Enter Iqama Number in the box that is shown in the picture. Now Click on the 2nd radio option shown in the picture and fill the Captcha code. Now Click On Bahis Button. All Shown in the picture. See the picture and clear your concept.


Step 4: After submitting, the new message comes in your front. This Message shows you the sponsor name. Now you can see your current sponsor name in between ( ), as shown in the image below.

Step 5: Some time a different image comes from this Image. If you transfer your sponsorship recently or some other transfer your sponsorship then you can see the new sponsor name and also the date of transfer. The Application number of your transfer also shown you. This date is according to Hajri Date. All things are shown in Image.

FAQ About Check Iqama Sponsor Name

How can I know my Kafeel name?

The first method to check iqama Kafeel’s name is to Open Your Passport. Check the stamp and find your Kafeel name. The second method is to open your Absher account and go into the Dashboard section. Open E-service categories and go into the Expertise option and go into the iqama option. Enter Your iqama number and then see your kafeel name. You can also check the details about your kafeel name from the Ministry of Labour Website.

How do I find my new sponsor’s name?

Open the Absher app or site and click on the 4th option and then fill the Captcha code, Select the radio 2 option and enter your iqama number and click to submit. Now the new sponsor name and application number and also the date come in your front.

By the Absher method, you need to log in. Go into Dashboard and E-service option. Then go into the Iqama option and click on the kafeel name or sponsor name check option and Enter the iqama number and click to check it. This shows you the Old and New sponsor name.

How do I find my sponsor ID?

The first method to find your sponsor id is the visa. Check the stamp of visa where the sponsor where given. The second way is to ask your HR Manager about your sponsor id. The Third way is the Absher where you can find by entering the iqama number. The 4th Way to find by using Mol Website.

What is a Sponsor?

In Saudi, Arabia Sponsor means Your Kafeel who gives Visa to Your for different Work.






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