Iqama Mehna Check Saudi Arabia in 2022

Iqama Mehna Check Saudi Arabia Latest and New Method 2022. In 2022 Now You can easily iqama Mehna Check on Your android phone and Computer very easily by following these methods.


Today I will tell you a simple and easy way to check Your Iqama Mehna in Saudi Arabia on our site and by following All steps to check it. It is also called as iqama validity. You can check the iqama validity by following our steps. Click here to check query iqama expiry on our iqama expiry site

Iqama Mehna Check Saudi Arabia

Iqama Mehna Check Saudi Arabia with this new and Latest Method. Find the complete details about your iqama like the iqama mehna & iqama profession. Mostly peoples who are living in Saudi Arabia they face problem to check the iqama mehna.

This article completely guides you and solve this problem. I Sure you that you will be able to check full information of your iqama mehna after Following the steps and understanding the Procedure of checking.

Without Understand the procedure, you can’t be able to check it. So it is very necessary for you to check it in the right way to know about your profession or iqama Mehna. Click on the button below to iqama mehna check or understand the guideline of checking it below. Video Guideline is also here to understand properly about it. For video guideline next the paragraph below this.

How To Check Iqama Mehna Online?

Are You facing the problem of mehna and want to know how to check iqama mehna? if Yes! then follow these steps for Iqama Mehna Check online in Saudi Arabia. Two Ways of checking iqama mehna. Follows these two ways

Step 1 – First of all, You need to create your account on the Moi website or Absher app. If you want to create an account on the Moi website then click here. If you want to create an account on the Absher app then download the Absher app from the Google Play store and create an account on it.


Step 2 – Visit Moi Website or Open your Mobile Absher App. Login to Your account by entering a user name and ID Number in official website or Absher app, Captcha is also necessary for login. When you try to log in the website or Absher app where you trying to login sends you a special secret code on your Mobile number. Enter code and Successfully login to your account.

Step 3 – After log in you will see the profile of your account on the right top side of the page. Click on your profile drop corner and the dashboard appear. Many options show here. You can easily check Your iqama mehna and the status of your profession there

Step 4 – Now You can see all the job details and Mehna details here. If you feel your iqama mehna is in trouble then you need to visit Jawazat and tell everything to the Government relation officer and explain everything step by step.

How To Check Iqama Mehna With Absher?

Absher is an Official application of Government that is specially designed for peoples to check the complete details about iqama like the Iqama Mehna, Iqama Expiry, Iqama Expiry date and Much more about iqama.

If you want to check the complete info about the iqama profession of your iqama mehna check then you can use this app for checking about your iqama. Now I want to tell you the method to check with Absher.


Step 1 – Download the Absher app from the play store and run it on an android phone, Allow all required permission to it. After that click to open Absher app

Step 2 – Login with your old account or Create your new Absher account. After that login to your account in the application and check the full details of Iqama like the Status, Expiry date and much more about this.

If you face any problem About Iqama Mehna Check or want to confirm anything about it then comment below.


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