Iqama Renewal Fees 2022 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Residence permit is known as Muqeem or Iqama. Every Year Expats need to renew their iqama online. The renewal fee is according to renewal Time. If you want to renew for one year or two years, then both year fees will differ.

Iqama Renewal Fees 2022

In Your Company, If 50 percent or More Employees are Saudi Nationals then iqama fees will be follows

Work Permit Fees8400.00
Moi Iqama Fees650.00
Health Insurance Fees500.00

If you Company consists of More than 50 Percent expatriates then the iqama fees will be

Maktab Amal Fees9600.00
Moi Iqama Fees650.00
Health Insurance500.00


Above Fees are estimated fee because Work permit fees calculated on the basis of annual renewal From January 1 to December 31st.

If your iqama expiry then fine will be applied to your iqama. Fine will be double of your renewal Fees. For Example, If your renewal Fee is 650 SAR then after fine the fee will be 1300 SAR.

How To Check Iqama Fees Online With Bank Account?

You can also Check Your iqama Renewal Fee online in 2020. This method may be difficult for you because for this method you need Bank Account for checking it. If you have not a bank account then you can use your friend or any other bank account for checking.

Follow these steps to check renewal fees in 2022

I will show you here how to check it on Al Raji bank. This method is the same for all other banks

Step#1: Log in to your Bank account

Step#2: Click on Two Line Option that will present the Left corner of the first interface. See Screenshot.

Step#3: In New Page Click on the Payment option. That leads you the bank account new page

Step#4: Now click on “SADAD” Option. See Picture below to know about it

Step#5: After that Click on “Government Payment” option

Step#6: Click on “Expatriates Service

Step#7:Select the Type of Application” Renew iqama

Step#8: Click on “Renew” and press OK button

Step#9: Now enter iqama number and Press Next option. Select the duration and press the Next button. Now all details about your iqama fee show you.

How To Check Iqama Fees with Absher

You can check iqama fees through Absher. You need to create an Absher account for checking it. Click here to know how to create Absher Account

Follow these steps

Step#1: Log in Absher account on your phone using Absher official Website

Step#2: After logging in Scroll down below the My Account option and find “Generalization Report Query”

Step#3: Click on the right arrow and find Public Query Available Funds and click on it

Step#4: Now enter identity number and image code and Click on View option to check your iqama fees. Clicking result leads you to your required page.




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