Iqama Validity Check Saudi Arabia 2022

Iqama Validity is also called as an iqama Expiry. This article consists of full information about this topic. Now you can easily iqama validity check in Saudi Arabia. This is very important for a Worker who is working in Saudi Arabia. Those peoples who not care about these things they become fail in the future and pay very huge fines.

We will tell you the best and easy ways to check your status of iqama. All these steps have special value because some steps are difficult and some are very easy. So for understanding all these steps you have to keep attention on all points which are mentioned below this paragraph. Our site also provide you option to check iqama huroob and also check muqeem visa validity and also iqama mehna and query iqama expiry

Iqama Validity Check Saudi Arabia

Iqama Validity Check in Saudi Arabia very easily. Now you can check validity by SMS, Website, and application. Choice any method and check complete details of this. Most iqama Holders have nothing information about this. We will completely explain all these steps one by one. So if you are facing a problem and want to check with an easy method then follow all these steps to check it.

Today I will also explain to you the best method to get notification of your iqama expiry date. If you want to get notification about the end date then follow these steps and know and get the notification of the end sate of your iqama. The End date is also called as the expiry date. It means that you can get notification about the end date.

The notification system has a different method on all Saudi Arabia sim cards. You can only get a notification on Saudi Arabia Sim. Without Saudi Arabia Sims you can’t get notification about the finish date.

How To Check Iqama Validity?

The first step is to check Validity From Moi Website. The Moi website is best for iqama holders. Some time due to busy server this site not open, in this concern you need to follow the second step that is the Absher app. The third step is also available to check iqama validity. This step is the SMS Step. A complete explanation about all these methods is given below.

Step 1: The first step of the validity check is the Moi site. They already account holders of this site simply need to Login with their account. After the login, the iqama holder easily checks it from the Moi website. If you are first and not have a Moi account, then firstly create an account on Moi Website.

Making Account verification must be needed. So complete your verification code and complete the requirement of account creation. After that log in your Moi account and find the option of iqama details where you can easily get whole details and status of your iqama.

Step 2: The Second and most used method is with Absher. Now check iqama validity with the Absher app. This application way released the Government on Play store. All options about the details of available in the Absher. So download and log in to your Absher account to know the status. If you are using Absher first time then account creation is necessary for this. So Create an account by filling all fields that are required for a fresh Absher account.

After that Login and check details by entering the number of id on the Iqama validity date option. This will completely Show you the whole and full details About iqama.

Check Iqama Validity in KSA Via SMS

The third and last step is very short and easy from all other steps. If you want to know how to check iqama validity very easily and fastly then follow this third step. This step is checking details via SMS. So follow this method and check fast.

First of All Write 12* Your Kafeel id, Sponsor id, iqama number, and 14 Digits code.

Send this code by selecting your sim. If you are using STC Sim then send all this message on 888994, If you are using Mobily then send all messages on 624444. The Zain user send all messages on 709444. This is a very easy method to check iqama Validity in KSA via SMS.


The final conclusion about this topic is that you follow all these steps and find your problem and iqama details. If you need not check and renew your iqama then the heavy fine applied on you and your visa and iqama finish. The Saudi Government can’t allow you to live in Saudi If your iqama expiry. So check and know all about before expir

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