Check Muqeem Visa Validity Service Saudi

Muqeem Visa is also called as the iqama. So mostly peoples use this term in Saudi Arabia. So now you can easily check Muqeem Visa Validity means the iqama status. So the easy and latest method of check these details will be completely discussed here. The Muqeem is very necessary for all peoples who come from another country in Saudi Arabia for Work. This is used in KSA for very important purposes like to Allow other people to work legally.

Basically the Muqeem or iqama is a special Permit letter that allows you to live in Saudi Arabia and work for a job. This make your living in KSA Legal. So mostly peoples are living in Saudi Arabia for work with the help of this Muqeem Visa. Peoples want to check Muqeem Visa Validity on android phones and computers. So in this article, we will completely discuss iqama and learn each and everything.

Muqeem Visa Validity Service

Muqeem Visa Validity Service means to check iqama expiry in Saudi Arabia. Now you can easily check Muqeem Visa Validity with this latest and new method 2020 on android and computer. This is the national profile or identity of Other country peoples. Most people come to Saudi Arabia for Work. Before starting work and coming to Saudi Arabia the peoples need to make iqama or Muqeem visa.

Every work has a different categorie visa. So before coming to Saudi Arabia must Confirm your Muqeem Visa and also the Validity. To confirm your visa with write work and then enjoy your journey and work. The Muqeem new name is an iqama. So you can also need to use the official old name or new name. So the checking method of this has different from each other but very easy to understand.

To understand all about the Muqeem Visa Validity service and take next step. This is like a credit card shape. It also looks like the credit card or Master card. The number of iqamas is used for different things like to check iqama Meghna & Query iqama expiry. For getting iqama, fill some form and submit to the department. in this way we can get this from the government.

How To Check Muqeem Visa Validity?

Muqeem Visa Validity service in Saudi Arabia Available on the official site of Government and official application of the Saudi Government. If you want to check then follow these steps which are given below. In this article, I will completely guide you on how to check Muqeem Visa validity with and without Absher. You can also check by clicking on the button that is below. This is also called as iqama expiry

Step 1: The first step is to create an account on the Moi portal means to say Moi official site. If you want to check with the Absher app then you need to get and download Absher from Play store. Create an account on Moi site or Absher. When you try to create an account then simple page open, fill this page with the required information and click to create an account. Now the OTP comes on your Number. Verify this number and complete your account creation.


Step 2: After creating Moi or Absher account simply login to Your account. You can change language according to your own language because the Moi site is an Arabic site and the first interface is in the Arabic language. So change language like the English, Urdu and then easily see all options and easy check your iqama.

Step 3: Now find the option of Checking Muqeem Visa validity or Iqama expiry date or iqama status. Enter your iqama number and verify image captcha code and click to check status. Both the Absher app and Moi site show the status in this way. This is the simple and easy way to check your Muqeem visa validity service or check it by clicking on the check button.

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