Procedure To Activate Digital Iqama In Absher 2022

Good News Friends Saudi Arabia Launched “Digital Iqama” For Expats. Now your iqama is in Your Mobile Phone. In today’s article, I will tell you the best and easy Procedure To Activate Digital Iqama In Absher.

Now You can Travel and Work In Saudi Arabia Without Iqama Because Now your Digital Iqama is in Your Pocket. There are Many Benefits of this Digital ID. Now No Tention Of Iqama Stolen, No Tention of Iqama Lost, No Tention Of Iqama Holding in Pocket or Iqama Forgotten in Room.

Process To Activate Digital Iqama in Absher 2022

Now You can Activate Your Digital Iqama in Absher in Just 1 Min Even Without an Internet data Connection. Here is a Step by Step Process To Activate Digital Iqama.

Step#1: Install & Open Absher Individuals App From Play Store.

Step#2: Click On the “Login” Option Of Absher Individual App and “Login to Your Absher Account” with Username Or Id Number & Password. Verify Login Code and login into this Absher Individual App Successfully. If you are a new user, then create an Absher account first. Here is a Process of how To Create an Absher Account.



Step#3: Click on the “My Services” Option that is available below on this New Page. To Make this Step easy for you. I am Giving a Screenshot below.



Step#4: Click On the “Activate Digital ID” option. This option is the first option of a new page when you click on the My Services Option. To Make this activation process easy for you the screenshot is given below.



Step#5: It Will Leads You to New page Where the Complete details about yourself available like Your name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Iqama Number, and Much more.

Step#6: Scroll Down and Click on the “ACTIVATE DIGITAL ID” Option that is available at the end of this page.

Step#7: It Will Leads You to New QR Code Page. Take a Screenshot Of it or Leave It. Now You can Access this code whenever you need like If Police Stop you OR Bank Man Ask You For Iqama Or in Any other case in any Place to show your iqama. You can simply show them this QR Code. You can Access this QR Code by this Process.

Simply Open Absher Individual App. Click On “View Digital ID”

Here is a Video Guide To Activate Digital Iqama

I hope You enjoy this video guide.

Frequently Asked Question About

What Are the benefits of Digital Iqama?

There are Many Benefits of Digital Iqama. Few Are Listed Below

  • Now Your Iqama is In Your Phone.
  • You Don’t need to hold iqama in your Pocket.
  • No Tention Of iqama Lost.
  • No tension Of Iqama Stolen.
  • No Problem of Iqama Forgotten in Home.
  • In Any Case, Now you need to Only Show QR Code of Your Digital ID.

Is Any Fee To Activate a Digital ID?

No, there is no Fee for activating this Digital ID.

What is Digital Iqama?

Digital Iqama is the New 2022 Digital Form of Iqama in KSA. Saudi Arabia Launched this iqama 07.01.2021 For Expats.

How To Activate Digital Iqama?

You can Activate Digital Iqama With Absher Individual App. The Easiest Way of activating this is given above

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